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Entertainer Cheese Hamper

The perfect hamper to create the perfect cheese platter. This delicious cheese hamper includes awarding winning brie, cheddar & goats cheese and all accompaniments needed to create a feast


Craft beer taster hamper

4 x Assorted craft Beers (cans or Bottles)
1 x 175g Kettle salted Crisps
1 x 150g Salted peanuts
1 x 115g Savory BBQ mix
1 x 80g Sugar Peanuts
1 x 80g Rainbow jellies
1 x 135g rocky road
1 x 100g Wafer Crackers
1 x Josh and Sue Tomato Re


Perfect coffee hamper

1 x 750ml Vanilla Coffee Syrup
1 x 250g St Ali Orthodox Coffee Beans


BeGIN hamper

1 x 700ml Be GIN
2 x 250ml Tonic water
1 x Mary Valley Dehydrated Oranges
1 x Bethany gingernut biscuits
1 x 200g Chocolate Fudge pouch
1 x 100g Gingernut Chocolate bar
1 x 50g Almond Gold Bar


Chardy and Gingerbread Hamper

Yarra Valley Chardonnay 750ml
Spiced Gingerbread cookies with lemon Icing 150g
Dark Chocolate buttons Fruit and nut 100g
Banksia Mini Scent pod
Ginger bread warming oil 50ml
Presented on an Acacia Wood serving tray with a hand tied bow and


Continental breakfast hamper

1 x 400g Farming Mums Granola
1 x Loaf of Fresh White Bread
1 x 500ml Fresh Grapefruit juice
1 x 350ml Fresh Orange Juice
1 x 200ml Strawberry Jam
5 x Tea Tonic Black Tea Bags
1 x 80g Snack peanut Brittle
1 x 2pack Yoyo's


Valentine Hamper

4 amazing hampers to choose for the special someone


Mini Hamper Banksia

This Is the perfect little hamper
1x Mini Scent Pod
1x Warming Oil
1x Bramble and Hedge flavors of the garden Nougat
presented in a box with wrap and a hand tied bow


Hamper Tray

Choose your own products an we will put it all together as a beautifully presented hamper


Small grazing hamper

2 x 150g Cheddar Cheese (assorted)
1 x 100g Grazing Chocolate
1 x 100g Wafer Crackers
1 x 2pack Yoyos
1 x 80g Snack sugar peanuts