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BeGIN hamper

1 x 700ml Be GIN
2 x 250ml Tonic water
1 x Mary Valley Dehydrated Oranges
1 x Bethany gingernut biscuits
1 x 200g Chocolate Fudge pouch
1 x 100g Gingernut Chocolate bar
1 x 50g Almond Gold Bar


Continental breakfast hamper

1 x 400g Granola
1 x Loaf of Fresh White Bread
2 x 350ml Fresh Fruit juice
1 x 200ml homemade Jam
5 x Assorted Tea Tonic Tea Bags
1 x 80g Snack Sweets Pack
1 x 2pack Yoyo's
Items pictured are for reference purposes only. Unavailable items


Small grazing hamper

2 x 150g Cheddar Cheese (assorted)
1 x 100g Grazing Chocolate
1 x 100g Wafer Crackers
1 x 2pack Yoyos
1 x 80g Snack sugar peanuts

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