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Continental breakfast hamper

1 x 400g Granola
1 x Loaf of Fresh White Bread
2 x 350ml Fresh Fruit juice
1 x 200ml homemade Jam
5 x Assorted Tea Tonic Tea Bags
1 x 80g Snack Sweets Pack
1 x 2pack Yoyo's
Items pictured are for reference purposes only. Unavailable items


Small Ale Box

2x assorted Ale cans or bottles
1x80g snack sugar peanuts
1x80g Snack jellies
1x 150g salted peanuts
2x home made yoyos


Craft beer taster hamper

4 x Assorted craft Beers (cans or Bottles)
1 x 175g Kettle salted Crisps
1 x 150g Salted peanuts
1 x 115g Savory BBQ mix
1 x 80g Sugar Peanuts
1 x 80g Rainbow jellies
1 x 135g rocky road
1 x 100g Wafer Crackers
1 x Josh and Sue Tomato Re


Small grazing hamper

2 x 150g Cheddar Cheese (assorted)
1 x 100g Grazing Chocolate
1 x 100g Wafer Crackers
1 x 2pack Yoyos
1 x 80g Snack sugar peanuts

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